Modes Of Treatment


Benefits of exercises are innumerable, and we make sure to prescribe a precisely customized exercise plan so as to make it much more convenient and helpful for our patient.

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization Techniques (IASTM)

Its a most updated tool of treatment used for soft tissue release.

Dry Needling

Dry needling is used for trigger points and tight muscles to enhance tissue healing restore muscle function.

Yoga Therapy

Well prescribed yogasans, according to one’s need, keeping in mind the limitations of one’s body. We suggest modified poses which .


Various machines like interferential therapy, muscle stimulator, therapeutic ultrasound, russian current, TENS, Steam therapy, Cervical And Lumbar traction, muscle massager, wax bath, etc..

Cupping Therapy

Though an ancient form of alternative medicine but is one of the most sought after treatment nowadays.Having high celeb following .

Tender Point Release techniques

We utilize our varied myofascial release skills so as to get a better result in unexplained pain and extensive pain. Pain in one side of .

Nutritional Therapy

It is a most important aspect to achieve an optimum balance of Health Triad. We guide you in planning your diet such that, it act as .

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